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Boom-Boom in the Champagne Room?

Some people will tell you that they went to the champagne room in a strip club with a hot girl and that they scored a piece of pussy for a reasonable price. We think that maybe that might have happened. But it doesn't happen all the time. Others will tell you that they went into the VIP and tried to score some pussy and got tossed out on their asses. We think that happens more often than not. We are here to tell you what probably happens in the champagne room on the regular. You spot a hot girl like Summer and she's dancing, swaying those jugs around like a couple of pom-poms. You pull out some cash and give her what we like to call a, "dance donation," for her tit-swaying prowess. This convinces her to unveil said tits and mash 'em on your face and crotch. This leads you to give her another dance donation. Whilst giving her your hard earned bucks for making you hard, she catches a glimpse of your wad o' cash and tells you that she will take you to the VIP room for that wad o' cash.… Read More »
Featuring: Summer Sinn and J Mac
Duration: 14:34

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