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Tugs In The Tub

Featuring: Magnum and Puma Swede
Date: 12/22/2017
Duration: 17:12 min.
Puma Swede has unbelievably huge mams and a barely understandable accent that is 75 percent hot and 25 percent S&M-like..and that could still be a little hot, sometimes, right? This blonde bombshell likes to tease with her tatas, so she was excited to hop in this tub of bubbles and rub on her bosoms, her pussy and a cock..all in that order. What we like the best about Puma is that like the ferocious cat she is named for, she likes to pursue and then pounce on her beau like he is prey. And boy, is she masterful. When Puma rack-jacks your dick, she makes sure that you know SHE is in charge. If you don't, she manhandles your dick and then lets you know who the fuck she is. But she will do it with that thick accent, so our advice is just tune her out and nod, and let her proceed to rub her melons on your meat until you coat them. .

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