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Holly Halston

Video: 20 mins
Measurements: 36-19-32
Height: 5'
Weight: 95 lbs.
Bra Size: 32DD
Birthday: Dec. 31
Ethnicity: White
Hair Color: Blonde
Body Type: Stacked
Location: Florida

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Massive Mams Milk Your Cock
Massive Mams Milk Your Cock
Holly's been in the biz for over a decade and unlike some other porn legends, she doesn't just go through the motions when she films a fuck scene. In fact, she gives it her all, sometimes going above and beyond the call of booty to ensure that everyone cums in the end. So what do you do when one of the queens of cream asks you to give her something new and exciting to do? You tell her to give the perfect tit and tug job and let us film it, that's what. When we told Holly to use her knockers and knock a huge load out of this cock, not only was she excited to give it a go, she also told us that she had some personal experience to fall back on.